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Tips to Carry Out Floor Sanding and Polishing Safely

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Are you planning to sand your wooden floor? Are you renovating your home at the same time? If yes, then it will be a good idea to complete all types of renovation works before sanding. Otherwise, the floors will be at a high risk of facing exclusive damages.

It will also result in costly floor repairs that may include full recoating, part or full re-sanding and uniforming the glossy levels of the entire floor. Expert professionals hired for carrying out the task of floor sanding in Melbourne will carry out their operations based on damage caused along with the location.

Important Points Regarding Sanding and Polishing of Floors

There are some easy tips that must be followed to prevent damage to your floors during the renovation. Some highly remarkable ones include the following:

  • Not sanding and polishing the kitchen floors first – Carrying out the process of floor sanding and polishing in Melbourne prior kitchen renovation must be avoided. Doing so may result in lots and lots of potential damages to the floors of your kitchen.

Cabinet installation, tiling of adhesives, installation of appliances and other renovations must be carried before sanding and polishing the floors. In case of uneven flooring, application of coarse sand may be required. If it is done post kitchen installations, then the sanding will get time to dry up and ready for polishing.

  • Applying a top coat over the existing polished area – If you had your timber floors extended and it is adjoined with a polished floor that is already in existence; then application of a topcoat over an existing polished area will be a good idea. It will provide a uniform level of gloss to the floor all along.

Floors must be allowed for the floor to harden for some time prior to setting up of furniture and heavy items like refrigerators. You may use masonite sheeting and roll the fridge carefully on the same. It will prevent causing any type of damage to your floor.

  • Emptying the place totally – Prior going for wooden floor sanding and polishing in Melbourne, you must ensure to empty the space. Furniture along with mats and other stuff must be removed to prevent hindrance to the entire process.

Before carrying out the operation, professionals will check if there are any broken wooden planks on the floor. If found, they must be replaced with a new one immediately! Nails and sharp objects must also be removed before giving a kick start to the process.

Keeping these points in high consideration will prevent causing further damage to your wooden floor that has undergone sanding and polishing.

What Makes Going with Dust Free Wood a Better Option for Sanding?

People planning to opt for floor sanding must opt for dust-free woods. It will save the entire house from the creation of dust that is the biggest drawback of floor sanding. Professionals hired for carrying out the task of floor sanding in Melbourne take the initiative to make the best arrangements to save people from dust. They use environment-friendly ways to sand the floor prior to polishing.

If you are planning to re-stain your floor, then it must be ensured that it is free from all types of dust.

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