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Why Hire Professionals to Carry Out the Task of Timber Floor Sanding

Why Hire Professionals to Carry Out the Task of Timber Floor Sanding post thumbnail image

If you are planning to sand the floors of your old home, then it is better to hire an expert and renowned company in Melbourne. Though all service providers are experts, special types of experts are required for sanding floors of old houses.

Do you know why? Enhancing the look of your wooden timber floor in an old house is not same as in newly built houses. As existing old timber floors may have numerous imperfections, it may impact the overall look of your house. Top companies providing floor sanding Melbourne will be able to meet all your needs through proper inspections.

What are Some Most Common Issues that May Exist in an Old House?

At the time of sanding floors of old homes, there are numerous issues that may arise. All these will be easily handled by a reliable company providing sanding and polishing for years. Some of the most common issues that you may come across in your old home include the following:

  • Stains – Generally over time, floors of old home have spills and stains. As it is not possible to clean stains on your own, it is better to hire a professional company providing floor sanding and polishing.

They with the help of best techniques and exclusive solutions will be able to clean stains that are difficult to remove. Some stains that are difficult to remove include animal urine, rusting stains, burns and water stains.

  • Cuts along with gouges – Utility knife cuts are common in timber floors of old houses. Over time, these scratches permit moisture to penetrate deeper into the timber floor finally worsening the situation.

If you are planning to sand the floor, it is better to give a call to the company proficient in timber floor installation in Melbourne. The entire team will be able to sand out these scratch marks and gouges.

  • Problems in the walls of kitchen – In previous years, there must have been little bit of changes in the configuration of the kitchen. Installation of cabinet along with other renovations is common in the kitchen.

You may come across some darker spots in the timber boards and walls. If you are planning to go with concrete polishing on the floors of kitchen, then better finish of all renovation work by hands of an expert. Taking such an important step will prevent your newly polished floor from further damages.

  • Borers and termites – Borers and termites may destruct the overall look of the timber flooring of your house. If you want to prevent further damage to the floor of your kitchen, then better carry out the job of floor sanding in Melbourne by experts at the earliest.

The team of experts will be able to judge the extent of damage that has caused into your floor. In case floor replacement remains the only solution, then better get it done by a professional company.

These are some common issues that you may face at the time of getting the wooden floors of your old house sanded and polished. Instead of experimenting on your own, it will be better to give a call to a renowned company.

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