Digital Guru Home Improvement Surprising Hacks That Would Maximize Space in Your Laundry Room

Surprising Hacks That Would Maximize Space in Your Laundry Room

Surprising Hacks That Would Maximize Space in Your Laundry Room post thumbnail image

Every House Builders Adelaide pays attention to designing the laundry room as it is going to be a part of your everyday life. It is among the daily essentials. A spacious home does not have to deal with the troubles that a small laundry room brings in each day.

Even if you have a small laundry room these hacks would help you to utilize each and all nooks and corners of the room more effectively. You can also ask Adelaide Builders to make changes in the design as per your requirement.

1.   Stacked Machines Surely Would Save a Lot of Space

If placing the machines side by side is taking up too much of the space of the laundry room then why not stack them? Yes, you can surely stack them. This would not just ease the functionality but also would add more space that you can utilize more effectively.

2.   Utilize Overhead Space for More Storage

Why leave the walls unused when you have extra storage space up there? Overhead storages are a brainer but it can be adding more when having in the laundry room. This added storage would surely free up space in your laundry room.

3.   Increase the Use of Baskets and Hooks

It is easy to have piled up clutter in the laundry room if you do not have things placed in an organized way. Baskets and hooks would help you to better organize your laundry room.

Apart from getting rid of clutter, now the things would be handier and that too in a decorative manner. Hand things that need to be hanged and place the things in baskets that need organization.

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4.   Levelling Up the Iron Board

Ironing the clothes is an inevitable domestic task. You surely do not want to go work in clothes that have creases on them. Placing the board every time you iron could be troublesome.

The board also would take up much space in the laundry room. Either you can opt for a foldable iron board. You can also mount the iron board on the back of the door, you just need to pull it when you want to use it.

5.   Paint the Walls with Colours Makes It Look Spacious

Yes, paints are capable of making the rooms look more spacious. Shades of blues, greens, whites would surely light up the room and make them look more spacious. These paints would also increase the visual appeal of your laundry. If unsure of how the laundry will look you can also put out swatches on the wall to get a clear idea.

Better and well-organized storage, clever storage designs and roe such small effort would make a very large difference in your laundry space. Do not limit yourself if you have an idea that you want to execute.

Upon executing these hacks, you would be surprised by the way your laundry just transformed. Discuss them with the ask Adelaide Builders and let them make the design a reality for you.

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