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Kerala Tourism: Where To Go And What To Do

Kerala Tourism: Where To Go And What To Do post thumbnail image

Travelling to Kerala? Then why not make it a vacation to remember by ticking a few things off your bucket list – you can go see the ancient temples of Mahabalipuram or Meenakshi Amman Temple, visit Cochin and Kovalam Beach – the list of places that are waiting for you is never-ending. Get started with this information on Kerala tour packages, and start planning your travel now!

Exploring Kerala

There are many Kerala tourist sites that are different from the rest of India. The forests, wildlife reserves, and pristine beaches will provide visitors with the natural beauty for which this Indian state is known. The churches, mosques, temples, and other religious landmarks will re-create the exotic culture of India in a less overwhelming setting.

Must-See for Tourists

With tropical beaches and pristine fauna, Kerala is one of the best travel destinations in India. In the state, traditional temples are prominent examples of Dravidian architectural marvels. These temples have a spongy floor for ritualistic dance performances that -are- to this date, highly appreciated by tourists from all over the world.

Best Time To Visit

Pack your bags, and be sure to set your alarm because you’re going to want to enter Kerala at the best times of the year. Being winter, it might seem like planning a trip in summer would be easier, but forget that and plan a visit during one of these seasons instead. Those wilting in the summer heat can find refuge in the diversity of Kerala’s mountains, waterfalls and beaches. In contrast, visit in winter as this is when most tourists come out to enjoy all that Kerala has to offer.

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The Famous Places to watch in Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram is Kerala’s capital, an urban coastal city with a population of more than three million people. The terrain is a mix of forest and varied spaces, including two nearby beaches, five hills and central ‘Alleppey Lake’, which “looks like a sea dotted with islands”. Wander through the 23-km-long’ backwaters’, a maze of winding canals or visit one of the many Hindu temples like Kerala’s own Vatican. For families, there are 150 parks and playgrounds within a five-km radius, along with camel rides and elephant treks. 

There is also plenty of water around (the Indian Ocean has more than 400 freshwater lakes) with ‘Sanjeevi Lake’, which belongs to reputed herbalist Pankajjal apurath Maria as well as old Portuguese cannonballs which can be found on the near-cliffs of Canola Beach and a traffic-free ‘Homeland Isle’. The region is also a haven for honeymooners; perhaps Parekkkad Lake will make it all more special.

Recommendations for local hotels

Popular places to visit in Kerala are major cities such as Alleppey, Thiruvananthapuram, and Cochin. As for travellers not renting a car, local hotels tend to be close to areas such as the Alleppey Government Jetty and the Ferry Boat jetty in Quilon.

What To Pack In Your Kerala Tour Package

You’re visiting Kerala and ready to explore, but your packing list is missing some essentials. What’s in your bag? You’ll need good shoes, plenty of sunscreens, drinking water (preferably a bag), clothes you can trek in (even if you don’t hike like us), and one last bit of advice: pack yourself a small jar of red chilli powder!

Summing up,

According to a Kerala tour packages expert, Kerala is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in India. It has many places to visit, and each place is different from the last. Its tranquil beaches and its scenic backwaters attract many tourists every year. One can visit areas such as Kumarakom, Kovalam, Alleppey, or Trivandrum, which are popular tourist attractions in Kerala.

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