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The Best Group Tours For You in Cape York

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If this is the type of holiday you are planning on taking, here are some helpful advice and who might be interested in joining your adventure. Below is a summertime itinerary to group tours to cape york.

Why do you want to visit Cape York?

If you want to visit some of the world’s most breathtaking sites while getting a chance to meet indigenous people and enjoy their exquisite way of life, then there’s only one place you should go – Cape York. You’re already in Australia, and you’re travelling, so why not take the next step and embark on a seven-day cruise that takes you right to the heart of Cape York.

One of Australia’s last genuinely untouched regions, the Cape York Peninsula is a giant exposed platform sitting on a quiet corner of our planet. This place is little known but extensive in history. Honeysuckle Creek Aboriginal Community has managed to hold this precious land, and these people exist in no man’s land – not given to the government or any extractive industry. 

The peninsula consists of various ecosystems that lead underwater, blowing itself a habitat within, not remote! The alluring escarpment of group tours to cape york offers the eye a sprawling woodland carpet ringed by beaches and protected from the sea by coastal forests. The rainforest on Fraser Island is incredible. 

Planning a trip has never been easier. With the introduction of travel apps, you will have a place to research your options and find the perfect travel plan. If you are ready to embark on the most exciting tour of your life, get on board your next trip to Cape York. The windy, adventurous side of what was once thought of as another sandy tourist town in northern Queensland is just begging for an adventure.

The Best Group Tours For You in Cape York

When is the best time to visit?

Around the middle of December, Queensland’s wet season begins and lasts through to early-to-mid summer. The best times to visit Cape York would therefore be around this period.

Camping & Food in Cape York

The best group tour for you in Cape York would be the Wildlife Experience Tour. This tour will take you on an expedition among our fantastic wildlife and the stunning natural scenery of Cape York. You’ll follow a 4WD track through tropical rainforest, watching predators such as cassowaries, dingoes and greater gliders come close enough to touch. Don’t forget to pack your snorkel and camera!

Travel down the Cape York Peninsula and stop in the very vast oasis of Cooktown. Cooktown is a coastal town at the mouth of Cuthbert Creek, with beautiful beaches and river estuaries. The landscape of wild mining camps and wide estuaries has created some of that rarest natural habitat on Earth – biological hot spots. On the trip to the Adelaide Range National Park, look for these diverse areas where koalas swim under seagrasses while stingers are being shared over lunch – haven’t seen that before! Grab the opportunity for group tours to cape york as it’s worth visiting once in a lifetime.

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