Digital Guru Plumbing Going to Hire a Plumber? Find Out Common Reasons For Water Leaks First

Going to Hire a Plumber? Find Out Common Reasons For Water Leaks First

Going to Hire a Plumber? Find Out Common Reasons For Water Leaks First post thumbnail image

Many people have to call the Plumber Sunshine over and over again for the water leak. Well, that could happen because of various reasons. It could happen because of the frozen pipes, poor installation or construction in your home, leaky fixtures or appliance, corroded pipes, excessive water flow, overlooking clogs, and damaged pipe seals.

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Let’s understand each condition in-depth.

  • Frozen Pipes

If the pipes are frozen and you don’t address them properly, it can burst anytime. Normally, such situations lead to property damage and flooding.

Tip: Insulate your pipes from the low temperature. You can use a hairdryer to unfreeze your pipes or similar device or simply call a plumber.

  • Poor Installation or Construction

One of the biggest reasons why you are having frequent water leakage is the wrong installation or construction. Soil compact failure can lead the foundation to move. Naturally, this can crack the pipes after a few years. And, you end up having a water leak.

Tip: Hire a licensed plumber only.

  • Leaky Fixtures or Appliances

The damaged faucets, leaky toilet, or cracked dishwasher could make the water drip and soak inside the floor. The leak may start to collect inside the floor unnoticeably and do some significant damage.

Tip: Check your toilet and bathroom for leaks. Also, check the washing machine, ice maker, or other appliances for leaks. Exchange the rubber hoses with the metal braided ones, which are durable.

  • Rusted Pipes

Pipes get corroded over time. The old buildings’ plumbing system is more prone to get rusted than the new ones. Also, steel and copper pipes can easily get damaged by the rust. This weakens the pipes and makes them leak.

 Tip: Call a plumber for regular pipes checkups and treat if the rust founded.

  • Extreme Water Pressure

If too much water enters the pipes, it generates a huge amount of pressure. This can weaken and crack the joints, consequently, leakage.

Tip: Check for the water pressure. In case it’s 60psi, hire the plumber and get a PRV (pressure reducing valve) installed.

  • Overlooked Clogs

A slow drain is much more than an inconvenience. The pipe obstacles can lead to further more damages. Whether the drain has been corroded or you try to clean it with certain chemicals, it can be equally hazardous and lead to water leaks or backups.

Tip: If the plunger isn’t helping you, call a plumber and let the drain be cleared professionally and carefully.

  • Damaged Pipe Seals

Most of the plumbing features acquire joints and curves which can get damaged after a few years of usage. In this situation, water can leak from the affected areas anytime.

Tip: Be gentle with your plumbing. Don’t just on or off the hot water abruptly to reduce the wear & tear on pipe curves and joints.

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Final Words

If you have noticed any of the above signs in your home, office, or workplace, it’s time to get in touch with an experienced and knowledgeable Plumber Caroline Springs.

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