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6 Common Reasons to call for a Plumber

6 Common Reasons to call for a Plumber post thumbnail image

Plumbing problems are common problems every household face. Some problems come with the time while others appear depending on how they are used and maintained. Whether you own a hotel or a home, there are certain plumbing issues for which you need professional help from a plumber Elsternwick.

So read ahead!

  1. Leaky pipes

Leaky pipes can be problematic because of the following reasons:

  • Mulish clogs
  • Pipe rust
  • Wrong pipe laying
  • Cracked pipes or seals
  • Damaged pipe joint
  • Extreme water pressure

Regardless of the reason behind a faulty pipe, the above regular yet serious plumbing problems is important to be fixed as soon as possible. If ignored, chancing of getting more damage is there, which can ruin both your home as well as your plumbing system.

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  1. Dripping faucet

Nothing is more annoying, expensive, and wasteful than the dripping faucets. A damaged O-ring or washer can be the reason behind the dripping faucets. These parts are easily replaceable, but in other cases, you might need an experienced plumber Cheltenham.

Corrosion and even wrong installation of faucet can make it to drip and cause other problems.

What to do if the faucet is dripping?

  • Calculate how much the drip is costing you with the help of a drip calculator
  • If the o-ring and washer replacement doesn’t stop the dripping faucet, consult the experts
  1. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure makes it difficult to use any of the plumbing systems of your home efficiently. Besides, low water pressure can be a sign of other big issues such as:

  • Unseen water leaks in your place
  • corrode pipes
  • Blocked or cracked sewer lines
  • Clogged sewer or drain
  1. Issue in Drain

Drain issues come with various health hazards and abundant plumbing disasters if they are overlooked.

A slow or clogged drain in a home means that the issue is restricted to that area. These drain clogs appear because of soap, hair, and other unfamiliar objects have built up in a drain eventually. Regular drain cleaning is the right way to address this problem.

Several clogged or slow drain is alarming. In this situation, calling the experts is the only solution so that you can prevent the sewer coming back inside your home. Whenever you notice the multiple clogs in the drains, contact the professionals for a quick remedy.

  1. Failure of Sump Pump

The problem in external or unit system can cause sump pump failure. The normal causes of the sump pump are:

  • An irresistible water amount such as after a heavy rain
  • Trapped switches
  • Wrong sump pump installation
  • Blocked discharge pipes
  • sump pumps older than 10 years are prone to cause problems
  1. The problem in Water Heater

 The water heater is the biggest reason why you need to keep your plumbing investigations regular.

  • sediment build-up or rust in systems
  • Failure of the heating element
  • Wrong installation of the hearer
  • broken or loose electrical connections

So, now that you know the reasons, contact the best Plumber Sandringham if you notice any of the signs.

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