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Five Decking Mistakes You May Be Making That Are Damaging Your Deck

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A deck can be a great addition to any home, increasing the living space and adding value to your property. However, if it isn’t built or maintained properly, it can quickly become an eyesore and a safety hazard. In this post, we’ll look at five common Decking Perth mistakes that can be harmful in the long run.

Not making your deck a priority

One of the biggest decking mistakes is not making it a priority. If your deck isn’t in good condition, it can lead to a lot of damage in the long run. Wood decks need to be cleaned and sealed on a regular basis to prevent them from splitting, rotting, and warping. Patios and concrete pavers also require regular care and maintenance in order to keep them looking their best. Failing to take care of your deck or patio can result in costly repairs down the road.

Not weather-proofing your deck

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into building your deck, so you want to make sure it lasts. One of the most common decking mistakes is not weatherproofing your deck. If you live in a rainy or snowy area, you need to take steps to protect your deck from the elements. The most important part of weatherproofing your deck is sealing the boards. This will protect them from water damage and keep them looking new for years to come. You should also install gutter systems to divert rainwater away from the deck and use a cover to protect it from the snow.

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Not regularly cleaning or maintaining your deck

One of the most common decking mistakes is not regularly cleaning or maintaining your deck. If you don’t clean your deck, it will become stained and damaged, and look terrible. In order to keep your deck looking good and to protect it from fading and warping, you’ll need to clean it at least once a year with a wood cleaner or wood stain. You should also seal the wood every few years to protect it from the elements.

Not using the right materials for your deck

Another common mistake people make is not using the right materials for their deck. It’s important to select a material that is durable and will withstand the weather conditions in your area. In some cases, people try to save money by opting for less expensive material, only to find out later that it doesn’t hold up and they have to replace it. We recommend choosing a material like composite decking, which is made of recycled materials and is resistant to fading, staining, and scratching.

Not checking for pests or damage

One of the most common decking mistakes is not checking for pest damage or infestation. A lot of pests, such as termites, can do a lot of damage to your deck in a very short period of time, so it’s important to be on the lookout and address any issues as soon as possible. Another mistake is not sealing your deck properly. This allows moisture to seep in and damage the wood, but it can also lead to the growth of harmful mold and mildew. Make sure to use a high-quality sealant and reapply it every few years for optimum protection. Failing to clean your deck regularly is another mistake that can have damaging consequences down the line. Dirt, dust, and leaves can build up over time and cause the wood to deteriorate. Make sure to sweep or hose down your deck at least once a month to keep it looking its best.


Your Decking Perth is an important part of your backyard and should be treated as such. By making a few simple mistakes, you could be doing damage that will cost you in the long run. Take the time to properly weatherproof, clean, and maintain your deck and you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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