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Are your Screw Piles Installed Properly

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Are you wondering why you should get screw pile design? You are not alone. Many people don’t understand the concept of screw piles and why they should have it for their property. This is the best alternative to concrete and keeping the building strong for years.

For better understanding, we have discussed everything essential about screw piles ahead in this blog.

So let’s move further!

Benefits of using helical screw pile:

There are many benefits of pile screw to count, but we have listed the major ones below:

  • Zero frost heave
  • Quick installation
  • Less ground disturbance
  • Can build on as soon as the installation finishes
  • Negligible damage to the root systems
  • No mining
  • Abolish untidy concrete
  • No soil clean up

Well, there are many other benefits that you might find out when installing it at your plot.

Does your screw pile meet building code?

The biggest question is – do you know that what are the things you should seek in screw pile that ensures it meets the building codes of your area? Following are the questions you should ask your Screw piles provider.

  • Is the actual pile connected to the brackets located on top of the piles?
  • If they are attached, how the connection is made between them – Bolting or Welding on-site?
  • Does the manufacturer have CCMC for all their piles?
  • Can the manufacturer supply pile layouts’ “certified engineer stamp” along with loads required for installation that may include mounting head AND attachment design and the piles themselves?
  • Do they acquire the accurate Ministers Ruling to escort the CCMC?
  • Do they meet all the legal construction and building standards?

If you get the satisfactory answers, go ahead with your project otherwise look for someone else who take the serious answers seriously and meet all the standards and terms for pile installation.

Are the brackets attached properly?

The proper attachment of the brackets to the actual pile is crucial.

Your pile installation is proper if the pile screw is:

  • Bolted connection of the head to the actual pile is accurate
  • Electrified to a G185 standard (CA and ACQ permitted to be used with Pressure Treated lumber)
  • Exact size falls into the 6×6 wood post that also is CA and ACQ approved (these are the top 2 superior bolts with the washers)
  • Screws that are rated as Strong-Tie Structure as secondary support (these are the 2 smaller screws right below the top 2 superior bolts)
  • ¼ inches thick 90 KSI steel to be used with the U bracket
  • U bracket of FULL size to support the 6×6 post (no hanging wood over the edge)

Your pile screw could be wrongly installed if:

  • No bolt is connected on the mounting head of the pile
  • Improper attachment between the U bracket and 6×6 wood post
  • Doesn’t meet G185 standard

Ensure that your pile installation is done properly and doesn’t contain any of the errors listed above. Only then you will be able to get the robust Screw pile design.

So follow this guide and never regret!

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