Digital Guru Business Tips & Tricks for Caring for Custom Timber and Walnut Furniture

Tips & Tricks for Caring for Custom Timber and Walnut Furniture

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Timber is the most natural kind of wood. As a result, each item is distinct and one-of-a-kind. Unlike plywood, which is made up of thin slices of wood glued together in a factory, timber furniture is made out of tree-cut wood. Mineral streaks, grain variances, and other natural identifiers all contribute to the individuality of each cut. Because timber is a natural material, there are a few pointers to keep in mind when caring for your wood furniture.

Timber maintains more moisture than other types of wood because it originates directly from nature and does not pass through a machine before reaching a consumer’s house. Timber may have humidity levels as high as 50% when it is freshly cut. The custom timber furniture is then dried to lower the humidity level to one that allows it to acclimatise to the humidity of a house (around 12 percent). If you have timber doors in your home, you may find that they expand during periods of high humidity, making them difficult to close. Extremely dry seasons, on the other hand, lead the timber’s humidity levels to drop, causing it to decrease in size. To prevent fluctuations in the size of the wood, strive to keep humidity levels consistent throughout the house.

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Tips & Tricks for Caring for Custom Timber and Walnut Furniture

Avoid exposing your timber furniture to direct sunlight, as you would any other wood furniture. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause the lacquer on the wood to dry up, fracture, and even fade. Invest in UV-resistant window film that will filter 99.9% of the rays if you opt to place the piece of furniture in a naturally light room. Similarly, putting wood furniture near an air conditioner vent can dry it out, develop ugly cracks in the surface, and even distort its look. Because timber includes a degree of humidity that requires the wood to “breathe,” it’s vital to relocate knick-knacks on top of the furniture on a regular basis. This permits those areas that were previously obscured by, say, a bulb, to interact with the environment.

Heavy things like bowls, vases, and lamps may leave an imprint in the wood if left for too long – something you definitely don’t want! Placing felt pads underneath heavy things is another option to help protect your custom walnut furniture from indentations. There are a few things you should know about good wood furniture maintenance if the timber piece of furniture you possess is utilised for more than simply decoration (e.g., coffee table, desk, dining table). To begin, determine the sort of finish that has been applied to the furniture. Some wood items are treated with oil, which absorbs into the wood and provides less protection against heat and liquid. If your wood is coated with oil and will be used frequently, we recommend purchasing a polyurethane finish to put over it. Although small stains and marks like as water and heat rings, spills, and even candle wax residue may be removed with polishing and waxing, other forms of damage are more difficult to repair. The finish on wood can be stripped by spilling nail polish, nail polish remover, or even alcoholic drinks.

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