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6 Key Areas of Your Home for Pest Prevention Tips in Spring and Summer

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Have you ever pondered why warmer climates are frequently accompanied by an increase in pest insects and bugs? This is because insects are “cold-blooded,” meaning their body temperature is affected by their surroundings—springtime ushers in a period of regeneration and rejuvenation. Don’t allow pests to take over your home this spring and summer; with Pest Control In Melbourne’s nationwide service, you’ll be able to respond quickly if a pest problem emerges. We offer six recommendations in this post to keep the following areas of your home pest-free during the spring and summer months.

The Garage

Pests of all kinds are attracted to garage doors and windows, so homeowners often have a problem with bird and insect infestation. This is particularly unfortunate when you consider how happy your favourite animals are in the garage.

If you have a garage door that is not properly secured, it can become a breeding ground for pests. The good news is that your garage’s damp and moist spots may be identified and repaired with the help of a Pest Control service specialist. 

To not only promote adequate airflow but also to reduce moisture-causing humidity, make sure to dry any standing water and ventilate your garage. Insects will have fewer opportunities to nest in your garage if it is kept clean and clutter-free.

Air vents

If your garage door is not secure, you will likely have an air vent or two. No two air vents in your house are completely secure. The problem arises when one of these vents becomes stuck or infested with pests. If you have an outdoor garage that is not securely linked to your home, it is easy for pests to infiltrate. 

To protect your family from pets and garden pests, always keep your garage door open when you aren’t at home. We highly recommend keeping the garage door open during the day so you have more time to do chores and finish off your work day. This will also help keep your home from becoming too hot in the winter and too cold in the summer.

Kitchen and Pantry

If you have a kitchen or pantry that is not securely tied to your home, pests can easily infiltrate. This happens when one of these places is left unsecured. If one of these areas becomes too hot or too cold for you to handle, you will want to close the door after it begins to open quickly. If you do not close the door quickly enough, the room will become too hot and too cold for you to handle. Doing so will also result in heat exhaustion and even death from the tropical heat.  As a result, it’s critical to use Pest Control Melbourne-wide as your go-to weapon to keep them out of your peaceful bedrooms.

Pest Control Melbourne

Roof and basement

It is important to protect your family from any unwelcome visitors at all times. If you have a roof that is not securely tied to the house, it is easy for pests to infiltrate. One study found that it is difficult for birds to survive under roof conditions. 

The roof is the source of much roof transmission. A top that is not well patented in shingle or slate is more likely to be infested with insects and/or bird nestlings. If you have a roof that is not securely tied to the house, you are more likely to have insects, birds, and other wildlife living in it.  

Window and doors

If your window is not securely closed and/or your doors are not securely fastened, spiders and other insects are more likely to crawl inside. It is easy for spiders and insects to enter your window and exit when you are not looking. That is why it is important to secure your window and doors. 

If you have a window that is not securely shut and doors that are not securely fastened, these areas are a breeding ground for pests. They are also where most of the wildlife likes to reside. Protect your family from any unwanted intruders by using these areas to secure your home properly.

The Garden

If you can open the door to the garden, to begin with, you are more likely to have an area of your home that is not properly secure. This is when we call in support of nature. It is easy for most insects and even smaller pests to crawl through the cracks in our outdoor gardens. 

Garden pests are usually more amenable to outdoor removal than indoor garden ones. It is also why you should always keep your indoor gardens well-caged. If you keep your indoor gardens well-caged, you are less likely to have an outdoor garden that is too open and enables insects and other wildlife to move about freely.  

Final Words

When you call Pest Control Melbourne’s service staff, you’ll be sleeping soundly with no traces of a bite, so call immediately for rapid and reasonable treatment.

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