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5 Must Follow Tips for Online Custom made Furniture Order

5 Must Follow Tips for Online Custom made Furniture Order post thumbnail image

Ordering custom made furniture Melbourne? Get the right piece of art at your home with useful tips.

Just take a look below and place the right furniture order for your home or office.

  1. The Dimensions of your place

Make sure that the dimension in H×L×W is accurate to the place where you want to place the furniture. Whether you are ordering a sofa, couch, table, Almirah, chair, or anything else, makes sure that it has the dimensions that fit your place. Don’t get carried away by the design. Focus on the size and shape. For say, round-shaped furniture might not look well in the corners. An edgy item such as the corner table will suit perfectly in this case.

The major point here is, consider dimensions of the furniture over anything else.

  1. Consider how your Custom Made Furniture Melbourne will be Delivered

Before you choose a particular furniture design, ensure that your place’s doors are wide enough to let them in. If you have chosen large items such as Customised Dining Table, be sure that it can pass through your doors without damaging your construction. For say, if you require 140 inches wide sofa, you need to pick the sofa in two parts – a right arm sofa 70 inches and a left arm sofa 70 inches – to make sure the ease of delivery at your doorstep. Or simply consider if the sofa has a modular design or it’s easy to get into your place.

  1. Send a Sample

Some designers may like to add treatments to your designs. So, if you want to change legs, add nails, or add diamond tufting to your furniture, you better send an image so that you get what you want. It’s not easy to define your requirements on a phone call anyway. Therefore, explore numerous pictures online before and then shortlist a few images (not more than 5 or 6) and send it to the professionals for a reference.

  1. Pick the right Fabric

There’s a huge variety of fabric for furniture out there. When customising your furniture, consider the width of the fabric roll along with the direction in which fabric runs. This step is crucial because the fabric running direction may affect your interior theme. Also, you might want a certain type of fabric with seamless running. Velvet fabric for furniture is trending as well. So explore the option of fabrics and the way they look in real life.

  1. Ensure the specifications

Never overlook the furniture specification ever. Some might have plane sides and others might have cabinets or drawers. If you are looking for furniture that not only enhances your interior but also becomes a better storage item, check the specification before adding it to your cart. Or simply ask the experts about the entire details.

Custom made Furniture Melbourne can enhance even a simple property with no additional features. All you have to do is contact experience and talented manufacturers who understands your requirement and provide you the quality product.

So contact one today!

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