Digital Guru Cleaning Why Your Carpet is Changing Colour? Carpet Cleaning Services to the Rescue!

Why Your Carpet is Changing Colour? Carpet Cleaning Services to the Rescue!

Why Your Carpet is Changing Colour? Carpet Cleaning Services to the Rescue! post thumbnail image

Boys and girls, it’s time to admit that your carpet needs a good cleaning! But how can you tell if the unsightly stains on your carpet are just dirt and food, or if there’s more to it? Or are you sick of your carpet’s yellowish hue? Before replacing it, try calling in a carpet cleaning service to see if it can be restored to its original colour and softness. Below, you’ll find some ways to tell if your carpet needs cleaning services or replacement, as well as some tips for choosing the right carpet cleaning company for your home.

What is Carpet Yellowing?

Over time and with regular use, carpets can start to turn yellow. This is usually caused by dirt and body fluids from spills not being cleaned off sufficiently, or if a carpet has been poorly maintained over its lifetime. There are professional carpet cleaning services in your area that can remove these stains and restore your carpets to their original condition.

Why Did The Color Change?

If your carpet’s color has changed, it could be due to a number of reasons. If you notice that your carpet has an orange or yellow tinge and was previously white, there’s a good chance that your carpet’s colors have been fading gradually over time. A lot of exposure to sunlight (like if you keep windows near your carpet open) can cause color change as well as many other factors like; pets, bad air quality (i.e: cigarette smoke), and traffic flow in your home or office building can accelerate fading of colors within your carpets. These issues are all perfect cases for our carpet cleaning services!

Carpet Cleaning

How to Prevent Your Carpet from Fading?

To keep your carpet looking its best, you must make sure it stays clean. Dust and dirt particles can settle into your carpet fibers, creating a dull or yellow appearance. This will make even a white carpet look dingy. A professional cleaner can help remove surface contaminants while leaving your carpet with that just-bought glow. An annual cleaning should take care of any dirt build up from normal use and keep your carpets fresh and bright for years to come.

Blocking Direct Sunlight

Make sure your carpets are protected from direct sunlight. Unexpected and prolonged exposure can cause fading in carpet fibers. Keep rugs at least two feet away from windows and try not to let them directly face a window during daylight hours. If there’s no avoiding direct sunlight, rotate your rugs so that they get some sun exposure every month or so. This will help prevent damage in high-traffic areas.

Apply Fluorocarbon Protectors

Fluorocarbon protectors are made of fluorocarbons and are designed to keep carpets cleaner longer. Fluorocarbons help repel water, preventing liquids from penetrating deep into carpet fibers. They work best when applied before staining occurs. When stains do happen, these protectors will help prevent liquid penetration deep into your carpet fiber for easier removal by a professional carpet cleaning service.

Call Professional for Cleaning

If you’re finding that your carpets aren’t quite as clean as they used to be, it might be time for professional help. You may think that a home steam cleaner will do just fine on its own. Unfortunately, you can’t see what these machines miss—sometimes even spotting stains with your eyes can be difficult. Professional carpet cleaning, done by trained specialists and utilizing powerful commercial-grade equipment, can remove almost any type of stain or discolouration from fabrics (including natural fibres) and rugs. The results are not only great looking carpets; they also feel softer and last longer too!

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