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Why Are Press Releases Still Important for SEO?

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Press releases are a staple of the marketing world, with some companies still relying on them to promote their products and services. Yet many believe that press releases—with all their antiquated formatting and by-the-book content—are out of touch with modern audiences and SEO Agency Australia. In fact, if you Google terms like “press release” or “release distribution,” you’ll likely find more articles about how to write better press releases than about why you should bother sending them at all!

So does this mean you should stop using press releases as part of your marketing strategy? Absolutely not! Press releases can still be an effective tool for boosting visibility in search engines, especially if you approach them differently than most brands do today. Let’s take a look at what makes traditional press releases so valuable—and then we’ll dive into some techniques for writing new ones that will get noticed (and shared) by journalists.

What Is A Press Release?

You’re probably familiar with press releases. They’re the go-to tool for getting your company’s news out to the public, and they’ve been around for decades. But if you aren’t an expert in PR and marketing, it can be hard to understand why press releases remain important today in a digital world where everyone has access to their own social media channels—and what makes them different from other forms of content distribution like blogging or email newsletters?

Press Release

A press release is a piece of marketing content that’s distributed to journalists and other media outlets on behalf of your business (or an organization you’re affiliated with). The purpose of distributing these documents is twofold: first, they introduce new information about your brand or organization; second, they give reporters something to write about, so they’ll mention whatever details were included in the document when they publish stories about you.

By sending out info through well-written press releases, companies can ensure their products get coverage on blogs and major newspapers without having become known by any one journalist directly. 

A (Brief) History Of Press Releases For SEO

Press releases have been used for a long time to announce news and get media coverage, but you may be surprised to learn that they also helped build links, backlinks, and social shares. In fact, press releases were originally written by journalists to inform readers about important events of the day.

The first person who used a press release as an SEO Agency Australia tactic was probably a newspaper editor hoping to drive traffic and increase subscriptions with every new issue. In other words: your grandpa!

A few years later (we’re talking late 19th century), newspapers started publishing the text of these announcements directly onto their pages in addition to writing them down on paper – kind of like an old-fashioned blog post, if you think about it. This added another layer of context for people reading through newspapers at home or on trains; it also made it much easier for writers at other publications around town who wanted some help covering topics related to those announcements because there was already plenty of information available online via links within those stories themselves!

Why do press releases still matter? 

Press releases are a great way to get your company in front of the media, potential customers and influencers. This is important because it gives you the opportunity to raise awareness about what you do, who you are and why your business matters.

How to Write a Press Release That Entices Media

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of tips that will help you write a press release that entices the media:

  • Make sure your press release is newsworthy.
  • Write a well-written press release.
  • Make sure your press release is relevant to your business and audience.
  • Verify all information included in the write-up before sending it out for submission.


Overall, the most important thing to remember about press releases is that it’s never too early or too late to start! You can begin by writing one today, and we hope we’ve given you some inspiration. The key things to keep in mind are these: First, make sure that your content is as high quality and relevant as possible. Second, be sure not only to write but also share your press release online using social media channels like Twitter and Facebook so that it reaches a wider audience. Finally, don’t forget about outreach; contacting journalists directly will help ensure that they not only read but also respond favourably towards what you have written.

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