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What Makes The Kitchen Sink Blocked?

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One of the worst nightmares that a homeowner has is the Blocked Drains Vermont. The mess it creates is incomparable. Along with the time, it also wastes the efforts several times as the problem may seem to be gone temporality but seem to return over and over again. Not to mention the additional damages that are caused due to the blocked drains. 

The only and reliable recurred from this nightmare is an experienced plumber Melbourne. But what possibly could get these sinks clogged in the first place? Here are the most common reasons.  

Fat and Grease 

If you’ve ever seen the grease or fat from bacon or lard cool in the pan, you know how easy it can clog your kitchen sink drain. When you wash grease down the plughole, it is in liquid form; however, as it cools, it hardens and sticks to the insides of your pipes. Grease will clog your pipes and reduce water flow over time. Then it will trap other food scraps that would otherwise be rinsed down your drainage system, resulting in large, difficult-to-remove clogs.

Food Chunks 

Food debris is another common cause of kitchen blockages. When you put food down the sink, it can become entangled in your pipes or on grease and other obstructions, causing a clog. This is especially common with absorbent foods such as coffee grounds, rice, and other grains. 

They may rinse cleanly down the drain at first, but if they build up and become stuck, they will swell and absorb water until they clog your drain. Yes, even if you have a garbage disposal, this can happen. To avoid clogs, always scrape your plates and other dishes into the trash before rinsing and cleaning them. The best way to avoid this is to keep food scraps out of your pipes.

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Soap Scum 

Soap scum is a common issue if your water contains a high concentration of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. When these minerals come into contact with soap and other “surfactants,” they form a filmy residue known as soap scum. This residue can accumulate over time and contribute to clogging formation. Hard water can also cause deposits in your pipes, causing them to narrow over time. If you have hard water, investing in a sink water softener can help you eliminate this problem in the future.


Small objects, particularly toys, get stuck in the drain. These objects eventually cause clogs, especially if they are not detected immediately. Food particles, hair, and even grease can become entangled in these objects and cause clogs that completely block the pipe.

When your children are in the kitchen with you, keep an eye on them and warn them not to drop anything into the sink. Teach them how to use the sink properly and discourage them from putting foreign objects in the sink.

One thing to make sure here is to trust no one with the clearing the blocked sink than the professional plumber Melbourne. As they have the skills and the expertise that is required in this job.

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