Digital Guru Lawyer What Does A Short Marriage Mean For My Divorce?

What Does A Short Marriage Mean For My Divorce?

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Divorce is stressful, no matter how long you’ve been married. But some newly divorced people may feel more at peace than others, especially if their marriage was short-lived or childless. If you are one of the many people who don’t have children with your ex and whose divorce is not contested by attorneys, it’s possible that you might not have to worry about formalising things with a judge. Take help of Best Family Lawyers Melbourne.

To find out whether this could be true for your case, read on as we explain what happens when a divorce is uncontested and why it’s such an attractive option in some instances.

You may be able to avoid a formal divorce if you have no property to divide.

If you and your spouse can agree on all the issues, it’s possible for you to avoid a formal divorce. Consult Best Family Lawyers Melbourne to get the process completed legally.

This is called a “consensual divorce.” A consensual divorce does not require the court’s approval but simply involves an agreement between two parties.

A consensual divorce can be finalised more quickly than a contested divorce because there is no waiting period for any other party to respond or object to the terms of the agreement.

You won’t have to pay spousal or child support if there are no children and you have not been married long enough.

Since you were married for a shorter period of time and don’t have children, you won’t have to worry about paying spousal support or child support. You won’t have to spend money on an attorney, and you won’t have to go through the emotional stress of divorce court.

It is important to remember that this article is only intended as general information and not legal advice. The content of this article cannot replace legal advice from an attorney.

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There will be time for reflection (and for your spouse to come around).

You’ve got time to think about what you want from your divorce. You can take some time now to reflect on how you feel about it, and what you’d like for the future. This can be harder for some people than others; if this sounds like you, there are lots of options for support:

  • A mental health professional can help with the emotional side of things.
  • If your feelings are too intense or difficult to deal with alone, support groups might be helpful (some people find them more useful than therapy).
  • Some divorcing couples work together to find an amicable solution that works best for everyone involved—this is known as collaborative law or mediation. It can take longer than traditional litigation but often results in much less conflict along the way.


Family law is complicated and there are many factors to consider when determining whether you need a formal divorce or can just file for an annulment.

If your marriage was short, it may be the perfect opportunity for you to take some time off from your relationship with your spouse so that you can reflect on your decision before making any more moves forward.

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