Digital Guru SEO Voice Search: 5 Ways To Prepare Your Website For Success With Future SEO

Voice Search: 5 Ways To Prepare Your Website For Success With Future SEO

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Voice search is to rank higher in SEO Sydney because they offer up a tonne of potential in the future. Millions of people have already used this technology, and it’s only going to grow in popularity over time. It’s already possible to use voice search on your smartphone, tablet computer, or even desktop computer. 

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, it won’t come as a surprise that voice search is rising. But what does this mean for your eCommerce site? If you’re not optimising your voice content, you could miss out on valuable traffic, leads and revenue.

Multilingual features

Multilingual features are an integral part of any site that wants to be successful in the future. As more people use voice search, it will become increasingly important for your website content to be available in multiple languages.

By including bilingual functionality, you may act locally and globally at the same time. Pay attention to how effectively information is translated for local SEO Sydney using voice search. This function helps search engines recognise your internet presence.

In addition to translating your website into different languages, you should also use a multilingual search engine and CMS (Content Management System). This will help ensure that users can find what they need on your website regardless of their native language.

Using conversational keys

Conversational keys are words that have a specific meaning to your users. They might be different from the keywords you optimise for, but they’re just as important for SEO Sydney success.

Conversational keys aren’t necessarily related to any of your organisation’s main keywords or topics; they simply convey their purpose through conversational language rather than technical terms. 

For example: If a user searches Google with the query “how do I remove static electricity from my clothes?” then static electricity would be considered a conversational key because it communicates what the page will deliver.

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Get Featured Snippets For Your Site

You’re probably familiar with featured snippets, the short bits of text that appear when you search for something on Google. They showcase a snippet from an authoritative website and include links to that site. These results are also how you see things like “top results” (in blue) and “featured snippets” (in brown).

If you want to get your site featured in these spots, there are several ways to do so:

Create high-quality content that answers common questions related to a topic and provides useful information.

Use keywords in the title tag, meta description, headings and body copy. These are all important because they help Google understand what kind of information is being provided on your page — whether it’s news or product reviews — which can lead them to show more relevant content as part of their search algorithm when someone searches for those specific terms later on down the line!

Employ long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are the holy grail of search engine optimisation (SEO). According to leading Sydney SEO company, using these highly specific terms in your content can help you rank for more specific searches, such as “best pizza in Sydney.” They’re easier to target because they’re more niche and require less competition than broad terms like “pizza” or “Sydney.”

To find these long-tail keywords, there are a number of tools available that allow you to do so: Ahrefs is one that we use here at HubSpot! You’ll want to try out several different tools until you find one that works best for your company.

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile. The first step in optimising your site for voice search is to create a free business listing on Google Maps. This is fairly straightforward, and if you haven’t done it yet, now is the time to get started—you can use the Google My Business app to manage your listing on the go!

Add photos, videos and more about your business. When building out your business profile on Google Maps, consider adding relevant images of products or services offered by your company. You can also add videos that show how things work at different stages of the customer journey (e.g., ordering a product online).


In conclusion, voice search is a trend that will continue to grow in popularity. The best way to prepare for this is by ensuring your site is optimised for voice search and has multilingual features. You can also use conversational keys, get featured snippets for your site, employ long-tail keywords, and get a Google Business Profile so that people can find what they need when searching for businesses on Google Maps.

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