If you’re a homeowner, then chances are you’ve spent some time daydreaming about building a deck. In those reveries, you’re probably lounging outside with your loved ones, enjoying the beautiful weather and the gorgeous view from your new vantage point. You’re also likely thinking about all of the fun times that you could have out there—backyard barbecues, weekend mimosa brunches (deck-side), or even just curling up with a good book at sunset. But if you don’t have one already, then it might be unclear how to make this dream of yours into an actuality. That’s why today we’ll walk through all of the steps to turn your Decks Adelaide idea into a deck reality!

Consider your decking material

First, consider the material you want to use for your deck. There are a lot of options for deck boards and railings, including wood, composite and PVC. Wood is the traditional material for decks, but it requires maintenance and can be affected by moisture or temperature changes. Composite materials like Trex® are made from recycled materials, so they look like real wood without the upkeep required by natural wood. Composite decking is also more durable than PVC because it’s stronger than any other option on the market today—but it’s still not as strong as natural wood. Finally, PVC decking is a synthetic material that’s easy to maintain; however, its limited lifespan makes it an expensive choice if you’re planning on building an all-weather outdoor space where you’ll regularly host parties or entertain guests all year long.

Determine the size and shape of your deck

Once you have a plan for your Decks Adelaide, the next step is to determine its size and shape. Your deck should be large enough to comfortably accommodate any activity you plan to do on it (e.g., dining, barbecuing, etc.). Before settling on the size and shape of your new outdoor living space, make sure there is sufficient space around your house or property line where you can build it without encroaching on someone else’s land.

The minimum distance required between decks and houses varies by region but usually falls between six feet and 10 feet — depending on local codes or regulations — so keep this in mind when sketching out ideas for your project. As well as the proximity of neighbouring properties being considered when designing a deck, so too must fences factor into its layout: if there are existing fences within 6 feet from where you want to build one, then this could become problematic; however, with some careful planning fences can often be avoided altogether if necessary by keeping them out at least 8 – 10 ft away from where your structure will sit which also gives room for plants/trees etcetera too!

Decks Adelaide

Create a list of goals for your deck project

The first step to creating your dream deck is knowing what you want it to be. Are you looking for a place where the family can gather? Do you need extra space in the backyard? Is it important that your deck reflects the style of your home’s architecture?

Once you’ve identified what will make this project worthwhile for everyone involved, create a list of goals that will make these things happen. Make sure that everyone involved understands how these goals can be achieved—don’t assume that just because someone else wants it, they’ll know how best to get there.

Get inspired by other deck designs

Inspiration is the fuel that keeps your creative motor running. If you’re not inspired, chances are you’ll be too bored or frustrated to finish what you started.

This is where looking at Decks Adelaide comes in. Looking at other people’s finished projects can be a great source of inspiration and motivation—especially if your deck is similar to theirs! You can also find inspiration from pictures of decks that are different from yours or even ones that are completely unrelated. For example: Maybe one of the homeowners in your neighbourhood has a beautiful pool deck with a pergola over it; maybe another homeowner has a screened porch attached to their house with an arbour above it; maybe another homeowner has a gorgeous backyard garden complete with vegetable plot and fountain! All these things will help inspire you because they show how someone else was able to turn their outdoor space into something beautiful and functional (and they’ll probably give you some good ideas too).

Schedule a free, in-home consultation with a TrexPro® Exterior Designer to get started

A free, in-home consultation with a TrexPro® Exterior Designer is the best way to get started on your dream deck. During your consultation, you’ll meet with a Certified TrexPro® Exterior Designer who will walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you have about building a new deck. Here are some tips for making sure it goes smoothly:

  • Make sure you bring photos or sketches of your home along with any other information that will help our designer understand what kind of look or feel you’re going for. You may also want to bring along some paint samples if you plan on painting or staining your new deck. We have many colours available at our showroom stores in case none of these colours match what shows up on the screen when we view them online before scheduling an appointment (we keep track).
  • The design process takes approximately one hour per linear foot in order to produce accurate drawings based on specific measurements taken by our designers during each visit throughout the construction stages; however, this does not include installation time which usually takes several hours depending on the size and complexity.”


As you can see, starting with a deck idea and working toward your goal of having a new deck takes planning and patience. But building a new deck can be a great investment and improve the value, beauty, and functionality of your home. Good luck!

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