Digital Guru Business Important tips if you are moving from cigarettes to e-cigarettes

Important tips if you are moving from cigarettes to e-cigarettes

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Have you decided to move to Electronic Cigarette? It can be a little uncomfortable to use e-cigarettes at the beginning but it gets used to with the usage. There are many important things to keep in mind before switching to e-cigarettes.

It includes holding the equipment right, it may seem pretty simple but to use the e-cigarette products in the right way, it’s important to hold the equipment properly and consume it safely. It is obvious everyone finds it challenging when trying for the first time due to lack of experience.

There are various other vape starter kits that can help to quit smoking if you have an addiction, check out the trusted vape shop Melbourne to have a better experience in smoking cessations.

To read about important tips about e-cigarettes and other information, keep on reading the blog till the end!

1) Choose the right liquid

Choosing the right liquid is the most important part of vaping products because the experience and taste depending upon the flavour of the liquid you choose. If you want to have the best vape juices experience, choose the right liquid from the right vape stores.

It can be confusing to choose the high-quality liquid if you are a beginner, for the best experience, it is advised to buy the premium quality liquid from the reputed manufacturing brand.

If you are using e-cigarettes for quitting smoking then it is advised to use a combination of tobacco products and Nicotine Vape Juice flavour.

2) Vape properly

Smoking e-cigarette is very different as compared to smoking a traditional cigarette. The vapour of -cigarette is colder as compared to the vapour of traditional tobacco cigarette.

Department of health expert say to take long puffs for a better experience. Avoid drawing the vapour directly to the lungs, just experience the aroma inside the mouth for 5 to 7 seconds then exhale the vapour.

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3) Take suitable nicotine intake

Generally, nicotine strengths for an e-cigarette are 1:1, the majority of people believe that high-strength nicotine is required to consume for experiencing e-cigarette but try with the lower nicotine content with different strengths at the beginning.

4) Dispose of the e-cigarettes correctly

Disposing of the e-cigarette safely that every smoker should take into consideration as it contains a rechargeable battery.

Never dispose of the charger with the household waste. Always follow environment-friendly practices and safe disposal methods to protect nature.

5) Burnt aroma

Many people at the beginning might experience the burnt aroma, this happens when you start vaping immediately after filling the liquid in the cap.

So, here is the pro tip, during the first time vaping, try sprinkling the wick in the middle vaporiser before 5 to 10 mins of vaping.

6) Clean e-cigarettes regularly

E-cigarettes are not disposable products hence they should be cleaned regularly to preserve their quality. Cleaning regularly also helps to improve the vape pens taste and experience.

7) Use best charging accessories

Using the wrong charger and other accessories can damage the vaping device so, always use the branded charging accessories, also charge it fully when charging or vapes batteries for the first time.

8) Replenishment on the road

If you are using an e-cigarette for quitting the smoking habit then always have enough stock of the liquid and your favourite flavour to keep sticking to e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking.

Winding-up: it can be tough at the beginning when switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes but the experience gets better when you get used to its liquid and flavours. Buy the best e-cig Australia that comes with a warranty.

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