Digital Guru Cleaning What Are the Amazing Water Features That You Can Add to You Fibreglass Pool?

What Are the Amazing Water Features That You Can Add to You Fibreglass Pool?

What Are the Amazing Water Features That You Can Add to You Fibreglass Pool? post thumbnail image

Apart from just being the backyard luxury the pools also offer therapeutic benefits. It helps you to release all the stress and burden after a long day. It is the soothing experience that you would want to have in certain moods and phases that you may be facing in your life. The credit goes to the Pool Companies Melbourne who make it possible to get the outstanding stricture in our properties.

There are various types of pools that you can have at your home. one of the popular among them is the Fibreglass Pools in Melbourne. apart from having a pool adding the water feature would enhance the experience. It provides a more resort-living vibes at home.

Here are some of the water features that you can consider adding to your fibreglass pool.

Water wall

One of the most common water features that you would find while visiting any resort or villas is the water wall. It may be common but the aesthetic that it creates makes it worth having the in your pool. It can be further enhanced by adding more feature to the wall like colours, mosaic, texture and more.


They are a classic choice when it comes to water feature. If you are a fan of the water fall feature this would provide you a unique choice to add to your pool.

Deck Jets

As they the name suggest they the water jets emerging and approaching the pool in the shape of arch. They increase the level of entertainment for the kids especially. Along with the striking visual of the jets they would provide a soothing sound of the water jet that you can enjoy even if you do not want to enter the pool.

Rainfall Curtain

Want to elevate the pool space to a whole new level? Installing this spectacular water feature would help you to achieve it. The lives have got too busy for everyone even to make out times for themselves. Let the rainfall curtain change this by giving you the ambiance of the rain fall and tranquil sound. These have proven therapeutic impacts when enjoyed the pool time with this feature at the fullest.


A natural water feature is created by incorporating the various natural elements like rocks, boulders, plants and more. this water feature if the literal creation of a miniature version of the water fall that you find in the wild. Along with the enhance ambiance it provides natural appearance to the pool.


One of the coolest features especially for the kids to splash if the sunpod. The water feature includes a wet area where the water gurgle coming out. these series of bubblers enhance the pool experience for both the kids and the rest. This is also very effective if you want a feature that could sperate the various areas of the pool.

Apart from choosing the Fibreglass Pools in Melbourne make sure that you add one of these interesting feature to your pool.

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