Digital Guru Advertising and Marketing Experiment These 4 Latest Facebook Ad Features For A Business Boost

Experiment These 4 Latest Facebook Ad Features For A Business Boost

Experiment These 4 Latest Facebook Ad Features For A Business Boost post thumbnail image

Globally, 28.5% of the population use Facebook denoted 2019 statistics – This indicates the power of social media and the fan base of Facebook. After inventing of Facebook, each day there is something new. There’s a Facebook update with the latest and attractive features. The purpose of Facebook doesn’t revolve around chit-chats or posts; it became a powerful platform for businesses.

As per the Facebook Ad Agency Melbourne, there is a lot more to learn with social media marketing, especially with Facebook. One of the many Facebook features, Facebook Ad is the centre topic of our today’s blog post.

Introducing 4 latest Facebook Ad features you should experiment on to take up your business!

1st Facebook Fan Page Engagement

Custom audiences are the best approach for Facebook. With AdWords Management Melbourne you might have user intent. But through Facebook’s custom audiences you deliver retargeting options. Previously, there was a limited way to engage with the target audience. For business promotion, you require a large audience and that had to come directly from the site traffic or app activity.

Through the Facebook fan engagement, there can be generated dynamically custom audience for increasing the web traffic. With using this feature, you can target anyone and everyone on the web who,

  • Visit your page
  • Sent you message or posts
  • Click on a page CTA
  • Liked, commented, or shared your post or content

 By increasing Facebook fan page engagement, you can perfectly find a new audience on Facebook to promote the content.  

2nd Video Audiences

Creation of custom audiences based on Facebook engagement opens the opportunities for business. The latest feature you can try out is video view audiences. Now, it is possible to upload the videos with the purpose of gaining the attention of the audience in a mass.

3rd Advanced Event Combinations

Facebook is a perfect place to remarket and retarget audiences. It is not a demand generator though. It stood up with those that have different levels of interest on other social media platforms. It is about remarketing as you are able to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Facebook is here with advanced event combinations to help you set rules depending upon the behaviour of your target audience. You can’t hit the visitor with dynamic product Ads but you can set up rules to run Ads depending upon the value inside the cart.

4th Offline Events

Everything stays perfect when you are active online. But all of the efforts go away when things go offline. Google Analytics can handle things and you often lose important data in between the gaps when conversions happen. Most of the B2B companies know when people start to become lead. But evaluating benefits from closed sales or through ad campaigns is a way too stressful. When you use a Facebook Ad to engage and gain interest in the offerings, the Ads drive foot traffic into the store. But this could not be able to see or track how the data lines up with the online market and with lots of problems.

You might have noticed how people use Facebook’s mobile feature to reach your store. You can use the information from the customer’s experience with the services you offer.

Interesting? Approach a well-known Facebook ad agency Melbourne today and build your Facebook marketing strategy. Thanks for staying connected with our blog. Keep on reading! 

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