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Different Types Of Metal Roofing Material Everyone Must Know

Different Types Of Metal Roofing Material Everyone Must Know post thumbnail image

Metal roofs are a true example of durability and robustness. However, know different types of metals roofing before opting roof restoration Footscray is a no brainer.

It is crucial to ensure that you home and family is safe during natural disasters or on a random rainy day. Your roofing professionals will test the entire roof for any damage or repairs. But, it becomes your responsibility to make sure that the right metal roofing is installed at your place.

If you agree with this, let’s explore various kinds of metal roofing right below.

Metal roof types

Roofing Footscray

You can find numerous metal roofing types in the marketplace depending on the quantity and variety of metals amalgamation. The need for variation in metal roofing appeared when the temperature starts to change. For example, a person in Melbourne might need a different metal type for their roof than the person residing in Sydney. Therefore, climate change has everything to do with metal types found in roofing.

Also, commercial roofing requirements could be different from the residential one. By knowing the metal type, you can find out the strengths and weaknesses of the roofing material.


This is the one famous roofing material in entire Australia. The biggest reason behind it is the harsh weather, which can only survive with strong steel material. Colorbond can withstand wind, hail, cold, dust, and sunny weather like nothing else.

Colorbond is also suitable for the areas where bushfire is frequent. Therefore, you can keep you home safe with the safest roofing material colorbond.

Apart from the robustness, colorboond Roofing Footscray also provides classic roofing design and is available in superb colours.


As the name indicates, Zinclume is a combo of zinc and aluminium. Some amount of silicon is also added to give it a perfect finishing. The best part about this roofing material is that it is made of 100% recycled material. Therefore, by choosing Zinclume, you are decreasing your carbon footprints. Being environment friendly, zinclume also comes with a huge lifespan.

Also, this metal roofing is cost-effective, and everyone can afford it. Another benefit of installing zinclume roofing is that these are corrosion-free. Besides, the cost of these roofing sheets is lower than steel sheets.


If you want your roofing to be the most durable, go for zinc roofing. There is a minimal requirement of restoration, replacement, and repairing in zinc roofing. This kind of roofing is commonly used for public buildings such as schools, hospitals, banks, etc. This roofing can be the perfect choice for residential buildings as well.

If installed in the right environment, the zinc roofing can last up to 100 years. Zinc is also a lightweight yet durable roofing material. You can also customise it as zinc is naturally soft and can be mould to any shape.

So which roofing did you find the most suitable for your home?

Let your professionals of Roof Restoration Footscray know that so that they can build the perfect place for you.

Now, get in touch with one and get the strongest roof ever.

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