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Avoid These Worst Foods To Keep Your Dentures From Getting Damaged

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A healthy diet is essential to a functioning body and to the health of your teeth. Too much acidic or sugary food can quickly affect oral health and your real and false teeth.

 In today’s blog, we take a quick look at the worst foods for your Dentures Melbourne and some more nutritious switches you can make without sacrificing great taste.

  • Sugary Sweets

 All dentists can agree on this; sugar is one of the worst foods for your dentures Melbourne. This is because sugar binds to dental plaque and makes it harder for liquids or saliva to wash away. Brush your teeth after consuming something sugary, or limit sugar intake to one or two sweets a day.

Substitute:  Fruit, dark chocolate, cottage cheese, chia pudding

  • Soft Drink

Soft drinks not only contain acid but sugar too, which causes negative reactions to the enamel of your dentures. Even soft drinks that don’t have sugar can harm oral health, as they still have acid.

This means they often have the same effect on dentures as sugar-containing sodas. Many sorts of soda also contain citrus, which is known to cause problems with tooth enamel. If you accidentally drink and suffer from pain, you can visit the denture repair Melbourne clinic for the best treatments.

Substitute:  Coconut water, fruit-infused water, herbal tea

  • Wine

Both red and white wine contain acid that softens enamel over time, so it’s worth limiting your daily intake for oral health. Red wine is especially bad for dentures. If you consume wine at home, brush your teeth thirty minutes later to clear any residual acid away.

dentures Melbourne

Substitute:  Gin and tonic, vodka and soda

  • Tea And Coffee

With tea and coffee, the biggest concern with regular consumption is mostly cosmetic, as these beverages can cause unsightly teeth stains over time. Black coffee is considered bad in dentures but has the disadvantage of being highly acidic.

Coffee is also one of the worst foods for dentures, as the temperature and acidity levels can make it difficult to consume, or you may face denture repair Melbourne treatment, so it’s better to avoid it.

Substitute:  Iced coffee, herbal tea, adding milk to tea and coffee

  • Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the worst foods for a denture, as it contains both high sugar levels and a cold temperature. If you have a false tooth, try to limit your ice cream intake or swap ice cream for a healthier alternative, such as Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit.

Substitute:  Greek yoghurt, cottage cheese


At-home care is essential for good oral health, as are regular dental visits. If it’s been a while since your last dental check-up, don’t put it off any longer. Find your nearest dentures Melbourne clinic today to book an appointment. They can help teach you how to care for your dentures.

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