Digital Guru Solar Panel 6 Question To Ask Your Solar Power Company

6 Question To Ask Your Solar Power Company

6 Question To Ask Your Solar Power Company post thumbnail image

It is never too late for your decision of switching to the cleaner form for never as it is for the greater good of the environment and humankind. The effort could be as small as choosing to get the Geelong Solar Panels installed at home. As this would be the first time that you would be talking to the solar power company, it is but obvious that you would be out questions that could help you incredibly.

Whether you are planning for Residential solar Geelong or for commercial space, the list of questionnaires remains the same. Here are some of the most important questions to ask the company without fail. 

How Long Has The Solar Company Been In The Industry?

Find out how long the company has been in business, as this can indicate a commitment to quality and long-term customer service, which is especially important if you want to buy solar from them. Although the number of systems installed by a company can indicate its expertise, some smaller companies with lower volumes still deliver excellent workmanship and should not be overlooked. You can also lookup reviews online or ask reliable friends for advice.

What Are The Additional Costs?

Solar firms’ contracts may contain terms allowing them to charge you extra for things like metre box improvements and raked ceilings. So, once you’ve received a price, double-check for any hidden expenses. Inquire if their price includes everything that could be added to your bill. Ensure that all prospective expenses are quoted and documented.

What Sales Care Do The Company Provide?

Customer service and after-sales care are critical for any organisation, but especially in the solar industry, where a trustworthy reputation is essential. Because most solar firms have offices all over the country, it’s crucial to find out where their headquarters are located in your location. 

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Do They Only Offer One-Size-Fits-All Solar System?

Every family is distinct. A qualified solar consultant will help you choose the right system depending on your financial, environmental, and energy independence goals. Available roof space and orientation, current or future shading, current energy use habits, and future energy needs should all be taken into account by your solar firm. They should also consider whether you have a growing family, are renovating, plan to purchase battery storage or an electric vehicle, or are transitioning from gas to electric appliances.

It’s critical to inquire about the solar system’s performance throughout the course of the year and to double-check that the responses take into account roof orientation, as well as your specific scenario and energy usage.

What are the details of your contract?

Make sure to inquire about your net metering agreement. Many states with metering regulations used to allow households who signed up to stay on the plan indefinitely.

You may only be assured of the full retail rate for a decade or two as net metering adjustments occur across the country. It’s better to ask than to be surprised when your utility changes your plan after a decade or two.

Do the Company Do If You Need To Upgrade the system in the future?

It is important to consider the potential requirement situation of the future. Do you intend to grow your family, extend your home, or increase your energy consumption? Plan ahead and consider your energy requirements in the future. Inquire with your potential supplier about the possibility of upgrading your system in the future.

If an upgradeable system is offered, be sure you have enough roof space for some extra residential solar Geelong panels before proceeding. 

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