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6 Home Architecture Design Trends 2023

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The designs have gone through tremendous changes; lately, we see all these impossible designs around us, whether it be commercial or residential spaces and the builder who are making it the reality. It has opened us an opportunity to transform your home by adding various design trends to your home and requesting the Custom Home Builder Melbourne to make them a reality for you.

Here are six Architectural Home Designs Melbourne trends to follow.

  • Home Offices

We all have been through quite an impossible phase in life lately due to the pandemic. We were forced to remain indoors, and work from home became the new normal for more than one and a half years now. Having dedicated home office spaces would help you to carry on and utilise your time more effectively when working from home.

  • Quiet Spaces

“Noise” is a very generalised word; for many, even the other person speaking a bit loud could be noise. With the increased traffic and so much happening around every day, it becomes inevitable to have a white space in the house that can allow you to have a more time peaceful time with yourself.

  • Sustainable Home Designs

The environment has been harmed to a great by us in many ways. These home designs would ensure that it is not alleviated further as well as help to reduce the impact of carbon footprints on the environment. There are various ways to do it, solar power, sophisticated eco-technology, smart home solution and more.

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  • Home Gyms 

The gym is the life choice that you make to keep yourself fit and prepared for the physical obstacles that your upcoming age would throw at you. Having a gym at home not only increase accessibility but saves time, increases convenience, is cost-effective and more.

We have also realised the importance of having a gym at home as we were forced to utilise our time at home more productively.

  • Enhanced Outdoor Spaces

Extending the outdoor functional areas is an amazing home design trend that enables you to utilise every inch of your home, even outdoor, to make the most out of your property. Patios, decks, pergolas, and more would help not just alleviate your outdoor space but more it more functional.

You can take your family time or party with a friend to these features in the outdoor space of your backyards.

  • Open-Plan Space 

Open-plan spaces are all about connectivity and interaction in the home that gets partitioned due to the separated section design. These amazing trends let your desire to be more connected to your family and friends come true in a true sense. The main rooms in the home become communal activity areas, with many different things going on all at once. They can make a home seem much more friendly and welcoming.

Further, the families can come together for activities like board games and movie nights in space. Busy parents will be able to keep tabs on the kids while they prepare dinner and do the other chores.

What do you think of these trends? Which one or many Architectural Home Designs Melbourne trends are you looking forward to getting in your home?

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