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5 Least proven Signs of Roof Damage

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Roof damage is a serious concern for homeowners. If your roof suffers a leak, you might be able to catch it before any water gets into your home. However, if you notice these common signs of roof damage and make repairs before they become serious concerns, you’ll likely avoid disaster altogether. hire an experienced Roof Leak Repairs Adelaide expert to get the issue fixed as soon as possible!

Standing water on the roof.

Standing water on your roof is a common sign of a leak, but it’s not always an indication that you need to call a professional. When standing water has been allowed to sit for an extended period of time, it can cause damage and even lead to mold growth in your home. If this happens, consider calling an expert who will be able to assess the situation and repair any damages before they get out of hand.

Storm damage.

  • Storm damage. If you see signs of storm damage, it’s time to call your roofer. The most obvious sign of storm damage is water dripping from the eaves—as long as it’s not coming through cracks or gaps in your roof, this is normal and not a cause for concern. However, if there are large puddles forming on your property and they’re soaking into grass underneath or pooling in front of windowsills or doorways (or anywhere else), then you should definitely hire someone who knows what they’re doing to assess the situation.
  • Water stains around windowsill/doorway areas: These marks can indicate that water has been leaking into the interior spaces behind these areas during heavy rainstorms or other weather events that might cause leaks around chimneys/vents etc. If so then hiring a professional will be necessary – especially if there are any signs of mold growing inside these spaces!

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Missing or deteriorating flashing.

If you’re noticing missing or deteriorating flashing, it could be time to get that roof inspected. Flashing is the metal or plastic that runs along the roofline and protects your home from water damage. It can be damaged by strong winds and hail, tree branches, or animals. If your roof has visible signs of missing or deteriorated flashing, it may need to be replaced before more serious structural damage occurs (or at least repaired).

Indoor leaks.

Indoor leaks are the most common signs of roof damage. They can be difficult to detect, but it’s important to catch them before they become a bigger problem for your home. Leaks in the ceiling or walls can cause water damage and mold growth, which is especially dangerous if you have young children or pets living in the house.

Sagging areas on the roof.

Sagging areas in the roof are often caused by poor installation, but they can also be caused by shingles that have been damaged or termites, or wood rot. Sagging areas will also show themselves if there is not enough ventilation on your home.

If you notice any of these signs, you might need to make repairs before any leaks develop.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to make repairs before the damage gets worse.

  • The shingles are bowed or twisted.
  • Roof tiles are damaged or missing in a number of places.
  • There is an obvious hole in your roof that allows water to pour through easily.


It’s easy to overlook signs of roof damage. This can be a dangerous mistake, as it can lead to leaks in your home and other damages that could be costly to repair. If you notice any of these signs, contact a Reroofing Adelaide company immediately and make sure it is in good condition before problems develop further down the road!

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